Andrea Willis

Humanities 1101

Instructor: Leila Wells Rogers

14, October, 2012

If you have ever traveled to McDonough Georgia and visited the McDonough Square, then you should know there is one huge, prominent building that is extremely noticeable. Built in 1897 by J.W. Golucke and Stewart Architects, this centerpiece in downtown McDonough will definitely grab anyone’s attention. The distinctive building I’m speaking of is, the Henry County Courthouse. This Romanesque-styled courthouse has been around for centuries, and is considered one of McDonough’s main tourist sites.

One of many of Golucke’s works, the three-story, brick building couldn’t be located in a better place, across the street from a park, where the city pays homage to Confederate soldiers, with a tall Confederate monument erected in the center. Golucke was Georgia’s most creative architect of county courthouses, building 27 in Georgia. His vision for the Henry County courthouse is unspecified, but it displays physical, cultural, and historic features.  In passing, one feature that stands out is the beautiful clock tower that sits atop of the building. The courthouse also has a design of many semicircular arches throughout the building, which represents a Romanesque characteristic.

The uniqueness of the courthouse is the fact that it is settled in a small, peaceful area, which allows the masterpiece to shine on its own. Often the city of McDonough has many historical events that are centered around the courthouse, which also makes it more visible. There are many shops and eateries that surround the building and make it even more attractive.  The McDonough Square is a very popular area and it suits the function of the courthouse.

Whether you’re taking a tour of the building, or observing it in passing, you’ll be impressed with Romanesque-styled courthouse. Noted as Romanesque Revival architecture, a time dating from as early as the 1830’s and continuing into the 20th century where the massive and brutal quality of the Romanesque style was appreciated and designed in brick, the building has clearly defined forms so that the overall appearance is one of simplicity.  Features of Romanesque architecture include thick walls, round arches, sturdy piers, large towers, and decorative arcading with small windows; the Henry County Courthouse demonstrates them all.

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